Monday, August 29, 2011


I never updated you guys about Pottermore :)
My account name is SeekerCat168.

I got my welcome email about 4ish days ago I think? I'm not sure but I got it pretty recently. So I logged in and it wasn't exactly what I had imagined. I thought it would be a bit... better? Everyone was raving about it and saying how amazing it was, but I think it was a bit hyped up. Basically, you work your way though the books, however only the first one, the philosopher's stone, is available at the minute. You get to buy your supplies from Diagon Alley, and chose a pet, which will become your icon/avatar. There aren't many animals to chose from however. I picked the least favourited, one of the toads, so my icon would look different from most others. You got to do a quiz to find your own wand at Olivanders, which was actually quite fun :) Mine is made of Cedar with a unicorn core, 10 and three-quarter inches, quite bendy. Then came the sorting, and to my relief, I was sorted in to GRYFFINDOR :) Now everytime I talk to someone I always mention that I am a true Gryffindorian as I got sorted into it on Pottermore. I was so nervous I would get sorted into HufflePuff, as on every other sorting website that was always my result. I wouldn't have minded Ravenclaw however, but I'm glad I got my first choice. Now all I need is to find my Patronus, which in my opinion is a wolf. (According to a patronus finding website)

Long review heh heh :)

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