Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Been a very boring day...

Just sat here casually watching 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' doing nothing else at all...
Yesterday I started practising some Astrology. It was all about Sun signs, Venus, Mars and all that shiz. I'm dominated by Mars apparently. It taught me some useful information. I'm actually thinking about going professional... Seriously I could be the next Mystic Meg...

My Astrology set: :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Exams :/

Our school is annoying. They think that even though we are no where near the end of a mathematics GCSE course, we will still be able to get A*s in an exam.

HAHAHA. No. We have had two maths exams, which doesn't sound that much, but with loads of mock exams (well not that many) around this time of year, it makes it a whole lot worse.

I don't think I failed the exam. But I don't think I got full marks either. I didn't answer one five mark question so the maximum marks I can get would be 195. Our of 200. I still don't think I got an A though. Oh well. There's always the March resit.

China trip!

Hello :)
I told you I'd update this blog didn't I? Anyway so today I'm going to talk about the China trip. I don't have any pictures because I haven't downloaded the digital ones, some of them are on my computer and I only have a hard copy of some of them. Anyway, you can search on Google if you're really that bothered.

We set off on our epic adventure on October 19th 2011. We were flying from Manchester Airport to Dubai airport and then onto China! We were flying on Emirates, which was so awesome. They had perfume and hand cream in the plane toilets (which I suspect was free, I mean I used some so...), I didn't even have to use my iPod on the way there (because the inflight entertainment was absolutely amazing. I must have watched about 50 Disney films) and the food. Oh my goodness, for plane food, that stuff was so nice. And it doesn't help that you are 30,000 ft in the air either. But anyway, after two 7 hour flights and a three hour stop over in Dubai, we finally made it!

As soon as we got onto the coach to the hotel, we were informed that our original hotel could not cater for us for the first two days of our trip, so we had to go into a different hotel. Hotel number 1 was... well... Decent. But, after two minutes of being in the hotel room, we had established that the Chinese were perverts; there was a window between the bathroom and the actual room. Luckily there was a curtain, and it wasn't that bad, but still, who watches other people shower! Creepy. (No offence if you are Chinese though)

This was our itinery -
Day 1:
- We visited a Chinese copper factory. Let me just say, no wonder China is so polluted. The smell was horrible.
- We continued onto the Ming Tombs. There wasn't really anything that exciting here, but it was still nice to have a walk around.
- At lunchtime, we visited the restaurant, and then walked around the adjoining Jade factory. Did you know that Emerald is a form of Jade? Yeah, I do.
- After lunch, we visited the Great Wall. I'm going to brag here and say that yes I did climb up as far as we could go, and yes, I would do it again!

Day 2:
- We had to pack our cases and move hotels today. I have to say that the second hotel was so much nicer.
- We visited the Olympic stadium.!This is so much better than the London one. Seriously.
- We visited the Summer Palace, but we didn't actually go there, because we didn't have enough time, but we walked around the shops instead, which was cool.
- The best part of the day was the Chinese market. It was brutal haggling at the stalls, but eventually on the Tuesday, I mastered it!

Day 3:
- The Forbidden city was one of our attractions today. It was raining though, so it kind of put an downer on our day. It was okay though.
- We also visited Tian'men square or whatever it is called. There wasn't much there.
- We visited a pearl factory today too. They taught us how to distinguish real pearls from fake pearls. After you've seen a few different factories though, it kind of gets a bit boring. (No offence intended there)
- To the markets we went again. I got lots more bargains. :)

Day 4:
- Today we visited a Chinese school. They had 7 floors. And a swimming pool. And about 500 different staff rooms. Wow.

Day 5:
- Our last full day in China. We went back to the school to do a Caligraphy lesson and a Chinese watercolour painting lesson.
- We also visited our final landmark, which was the temple of heaven. It was okay.
- The markets beckoned us again, and I spent the last of my Yuan! :)
- We then had to wake up at 4am the next morning, and catch a plane to go home.

The plane ride home:
- Conpletele seriousness here - I actually didn't think we would get home on that plane. It was awful. We had really bad turbulence, and to top it all off, it was dark outside as well. It was just great. :/

Overall, I would have liked to have had a bit more time looking around the monuments and landmarks, but besides that (and the squat toilets - luckily I didn't have to use them) it was a brilliant trip, and I would love to go again sometime. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


My new Alton Towers/Theme park news blog!


Hey guys!
I forgot to tell you about my trip to China! I just remembered to tell you guys because I literally just finished emailing my Chinese pen friend. Oh yeah, I have a Chinese pen friend. Be jealous everyone, be jealous! :)

So my next post (probably tomorrow, because I am currently watching 'Im a celebrity', and I can't stop watching I'm a celeb) will be all about the China trip!

Have a good night, and I hope you had a good weekend!

New Alton Towers blog!

Sometime soon, (hopefully in about 5 mins) I will be setting up a new Alton Towers news blog, where I can update about Alton Towers news and stuff. Since I am a Towers Nerd, this is highly exciting for me. :)

I am setting this up because over the close season, I am going to be insanely bored and I hope that this blog will help me get through this hard time of year. It really is going to be quite hard. I got the end of seasons blues after two days of the theme park being closed. Seriously.

Blogger app for IPod Touch.

Blogger FINALLY decided to release a blogger app, so now I will definitely be posting regularly.
I came across this app by looking on the app store for all of my old apps, as iTunes attempted to murder my iPod with the IOS 5.0.1 update, and my iPod was put into a coma. But luckily, after a few attempts of trying to restore it, it finally woke up and I can now use it again.

I will blog again soon. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPods are amazing.

Hey everyone. I've found a way to blog from my iPod touch (Finally!). So this time I will definitely be updating this blog a lot more from now on. :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


I never updated you guys about Pottermore :)
My account name is SeekerCat168.

I got my welcome email about 4ish days ago I think? I'm not sure but I got it pretty recently. So I logged in and it wasn't exactly what I had imagined. I thought it would be a bit... better? Everyone was raving about it and saying how amazing it was, but I think it was a bit hyped up. Basically, you work your way though the books, however only the first one, the philosopher's stone, is available at the minute. You get to buy your supplies from Diagon Alley, and chose a pet, which will become your icon/avatar. There aren't many animals to chose from however. I picked the least favourited, one of the toads, so my icon would look different from most others. You got to do a quiz to find your own wand at Olivanders, which was actually quite fun :) Mine is made of Cedar with a unicorn core, 10 and three-quarter inches, quite bendy. Then came the sorting, and to my relief, I was sorted in to GRYFFINDOR :) Now everytime I talk to someone I always mention that I am a true Gryffindorian as I got sorted into it on Pottermore. I was so nervous I would get sorted into HufflePuff, as on every other sorting website that was always my result. I wouldn't have minded Ravenclaw however, but I'm glad I got my first choice. Now all I need is to find my Patronus, which in my opinion is a wolf. (According to a patronus finding website)

Long review heh heh :)

Alton Towers :)

I am heading off to Alton Towers for 1 day on Friday, and strangely I am not as excited as usual. Anyway, the results for the Alton Towers all time greats were in and as I predicted, the results are as follows -
1. Nemesis (Which every Towers Nerd will say is one of the greatest coasters of all time - it even had it's own fizzy drink back when it opened in 1994)
2. Oblivion (A.w.e.s.o.m.e)
3. Air (It is a legendary ride, but it's so short :/)
4. Thirteen (I take back my verdict from the time I went last year. I thought it was awesome as soon as I rode it, however after extensive pondering, I have decided it is just as epic as 'The Beastie', which I have not actually rode...)
5. RITA (It got renamed Camilla - queen of speed, for a limited time in 2005, when Chares and 'Milla got hitched. I don't think I need to say anything else)

I always knew Nemesis would come first, because everyone is always raving about it. Personally, I voted for Oblivion, however the recent Fanta sponsorship may have destroyed it's chances of winning, which is not surprising. Seriously if you haven't seen the pictures of the phail advertising, you need to. I am not dissing Rita or anything, but it wasn't actually an SW ride, so I don't really think it is that epic enough to pass infront of Th13teen, as even that was a worlds first.

Luckily, since it is September when I shall be off, I think -Touchwood- I will be able to ride all the 'All time greats' coasters, and lots more inbetween. :)

Don't diss the Beebs.

Beebs is a new nickname for Cbeebies. Cbeebies is the TV channel I have been watching everyday for the past 2 weeks, and it has been amazing. Either that or I may have gone slightly mental.
Anyway, My favoruite program is Waybuloo. Don't judge, it's actually amazing. On the other hand, the show that I hate is Baby Jake. I could seriously punch Issac in the face. He's that annyoing.

Hope your having a better summer than I am :)

Hey :)


I'm backkk :)
It's been a reeeeeaaaaaalllly long time, but I've finally started to log on to the computer once again. The addicition has re-started.