Sunday, June 27, 2010

So tired :(

Tired....Tired...tried.... I caN't edven spell tired ight :/

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Retainers - What retainers?

Yes people, my jouney with the orthodontist is over, since 23/06/10 :)
I only have to wear my retainers every night for the next 3 months, and then every other night for as long as I want :)

Dates linked to my treck for straight teeth :
29th September 2008 - 10th November 2009 (Braces)
17th November 2009 - 23rd June 2010 (Retainers)
Late July/Early August 2008 - 23rd June 2010 (From taking teeth out to end of retainers)

I'm so happy! I miss my retainers though, weirdly...

Braces changed my life

:) =]

My pm (Personal message) on msn :)

"OMG! I just killed Harry Potter!" :) Alton towers - ** days :)


What does this button do?

While on youtube, I was watching Lush videos (Not lush videos... Lush cosmetics videos) and I came across a button of a football. I clicked it and the sound of a cheering crowd and vuvuzelas filled my single earphone (Yeah don't ask why there is one earphone instead of two, it's a very long story that is not worth typing up :/)
Does anyone know why it's there or what it actually is for and what it does?

Just pointing out the hopefully obvioius here, the button is circled in red with a question mark above it...


Lesson 1 : Spainish : Watched Pan's labyrinth(Spainish film)... We were going to watch The Devils backbone... I typed it in on google... Let's just say I'm glad we didn't...
Lesson 2 : Maths : Surprisingly, played board games such as scrabble, four in a row and draughts while simutaneously (Yeah, I learnt that word in maths) singing and listening to Hairspray the musical soundtrack. I also pulled the muscles in both my arms... seriously don't ask...
Lesson 3 : ICT : Teacher was off doing a GCSE course with other students so we had a sub teacher. We were doing a competition called 'Idesign - Design your own Iphone app and win an Ipod touch!'. Since there was an incentive, we decided to actually do the work we were set, and me and my mate came up with the best idea ever!
Lesson 4 : Music : Upon entering the music classroom, everyone suspected we had hymn practise, but when suddenly Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire popped up onto the interactive whiteboard, half the class settled down, and the other half started moaning "Why the hell do we have to watch Harry Potter again? It's rubbish!". I beg to disagree :)
Lesson 5 : RE : Worst lesson of the day. Yes everyone, we did work. With about 5 lessons to go until the end of the year (I can't be bothered counting) I expected a funner lesson :( Oh well :)
After school : Got picked up late and had to do homework :/

Apart from last lesson and after school, this was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER!

:) =]

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Makes me soo sad... It's worse than the part in Spring Awakening when Melchior realizes that Wednla is dead, and then he tries to kill himself, and then Moritz and Wendla rise from the dead and convince him to live on, and then they both die again....

Imagine if Glee starts on my birthday! That'd be cool... Except my birthday is on a Saturday next year and Glee is on every Monday... Still it could happen...

Saturday, June 12, 2010



In the UK since we're so dumb we haven't seen Glee Episode 22 : Journey yet because it hasn't aired here!


Plus, the Glee Finale marks the end of all my exams for this year! Yayy!

:) =]

Friday, June 11, 2010


New blog layout!
New blog features!
New blog background!
New blog posts!
New blog logo comming soooooon... maybe :S

:) =]

Big brother

So the last season of big brother started and I can honestly say I am glad.
I don't know what the fuss is over the show...

It's okay...Just a bit boring though... :) =]

No offence to anyone who likes the show

Big brother : Channel 4 : 9pm/10pm everynight until 5th September

World cup...

I am already sick of the world cup and it's only been going for approx. 6 hours and 13 minutes...
1. England flags are EVERYWHERE! I am not supporting England in the world cup... I've disowned them... Real men don't cry when they lose a game, yes I'm talking to you David Beckham...
2. Football is EVERYWHERE!
3. There is nothing on tv except football...

I don't know how I'm going to last this summer...

USA/Italy/Ukraine for the win